People are such morons.

I’m in this group on Facebook for people who live in my area, and this woman goes on there and starts ranting about how her friend was fined for selling Disney character cakes as part of her cake business.

DUH. That’s called COPYRIGHT.

And a bunch of other people start commenting about how that’s so stupid because Disney makes too much money. I’m sorry, I didn’t know the laws stopped applying to you after you make a certain amount of money?? That is just complete jealousy.

People. Are. Morons.

I love my job.

I hate people.



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Today I thank the toilet gods for putting up with my shit.

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Every time someone says to me “Believe me you will have children someday” or anything along those lines I always want to say something really horrible like “I’m infertile” just to make them shut up.

When my mom got me these pants they were so big that they actually fell right off of me. Now they barely fit.

When my mom got me these pants they were so big that they actually fell right off of me. Now they barely fit.

If I keep gaining weight like I am I’m gonna have to buy all new pants this fall. I will not be happy. But the gaining weight part is still a good thing -__-

I weigh 120lbs now.

Holy crap.

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Since being on the Lexapro my life has gotten so much better in so many areas. I’m even able to deal with my parents a lot better than I was in the past. But they still manage to get under my skin in so many ways. Some days I just can’t handle them. I really do want to get away from here. I would rather live away from them and be able to tolerate my parents than live with them and despise them. 

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I have so few fucks to give right now.

My mom, being the wisest human being in existence, decided quite a while back that she was sick of the litter box, so she threw it away. She continues to get angry at the cats, and blame me for it every single time they pee on something or shit on their clothes. WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN. I keep telling my mom, “You KNOW, if they had a place to GO, they wouldn’t crap in places you don’t WANT THEM TO CRAP.” And then she yells back at me in all her glorious wisdom, “NO THEY WOULD STILL GO WHEREVER THEY WANT.” IF THEY DO THEN IT’S YOUR FUCKING FAULT FOR TEACHING THEM TO DO THAT. 



I just want to relax on Sundays. I want to sleep in then watch TV, and lounge around. But I need to wake up early and go to church. I hate that I feel that way about it but I feel completely disconnected from church and the people and the lessons.