I guess you could say I have issues

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Got this snapchat thing

Got this snapchat thing

My parents got me a huge owl mug and a bunch of candy :3

My parents got me a huge owl mug and a bunch of candy :3

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Maybe the Lexapro isn’t working out for me…

By everyone I mean two people

Everyone is giving me shit tonight.

I told my dad casually that if we fixed up my motorcycle I could save a lot of money on gas driving it to work (assuming I get this job) because it’s all back roads, no freeways or busy highways. Then my mother chimes in, *HUFF* “KATIE, NO. IT’S NOT WORTH SAVING A BIT OF GAS IF YOU GET HIT BY A CAR.” But in the bitchiest tone as if I made the most stupid statement possible.

You know what? Fuck you. I’m not a fucking child. You know who’s going to end up paying for that gas? ME. I used to ride with dad, so it was okay then, but not now? 

I avoided caffeinated tea tonight, only to consume 10 pounds of concentrated sugar

My mom bought toys and things to send my nieces for easter, and now I’m afraid she’s finally given up on giving me an easter basket LOL