No idea. I haven’t been on here in weeks.

No idea. I haven’t been on here in weeks.

gabeerunzshyt said: Fuck You Proud To Be From tha 951 :D Lolol Was that Rude?

What the fuck are you going on about?

I don’t even care what anyone thinks. The one person I look forward to seeing when I get home is my cat.

Bungie, Activision, I don’t fucking care who, just get YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

If someone is excited about getting married, don’t tell them that they are too young and need to “live a little” first, or that weddings are overrated and a waste of money. That is so rude. Especially when you don’t know them that well. I don’t need to “live a little” before brad and I get married. What am I supposed to fulfill? Am I supposed to party, get drunk, have sex with a bunch of guys I don’t know and then wake up one morning naked, pregnant, and infested with std’s? How do you know that my life is more fulfilling without Brad than it is with him? He is my best friend and I want to experience life with him, and nothing makes me happier than exactly that. Waiting around to do so is a much bigger waste to me.

I am so sick of jumping out of my skin every time my dad pounds on my wall to get my attention….

There’s this one guy on my friends list who is constantly advertising his Mormon faith. And by advertising I mean, “Have a problem? Mormonism can fix that. Go to to learn more!”

It’s really awesome when my parents bring home food for themselves but nothing for me. They always have excuses too. “We didn’t know you’d be home.” Well I kinda live here, and it’s called a cell phone.

In Southern California during the winter 79 degrees is hot. During the summer 79 degrees is cold.